How to Prepare and Survive

If you live by a volcano or even get the time to visit one you are always putting yourself in risk of getting hurt.

Steps on how to survive an eruption:
Step one: Prepare yourself for the worst.
Prepare a three day pack of food in your house just in case if there is an eruption, make a plan, and know all escape routes.
Step two: Listen to your radio
and your TV for any eruptions. When a volcano erupts the city gives everyone a warning on the TVs and on the radios.
Step three: Evacuate the area. Not all times will they tell you to evacuate sometimes it's just recommended. it's better to be safe than sorry.
Step four: Get to high land. Lava is deadly and can kill you, best to get on high land until the lava has passed
Step five: Protect yourself from pyroclastics. Even on high land watch out for pyroclastics, they are rocks and sometimes hot burning rocks coming from the volcano. Stay out of their range. 
Step six: Avoid breathing the gas. Wear a mask or a moist piece of cloth to protect your lungs from the volcanic ash.

If you follow these steps you will survive an eruption.