Mt. Pinatubo is in Luzon which is an island in the Philippines. The population is 9,720,982. I caused massive earthquakes after the eruption, and many houses were destroyed. Its strength was very powerful: it was a 7.8. It killed about 800 people and made one hundred homeless, and the animals suffered by some dying as well.
Interesting facts about Pinatubo:
  • It is a composite volcano
  • The June 1991 was one of the largest eruptions in Pinatubo
  • The eruption lasted over 7 hours not including the earth quake it caused after
  • People had to rebuild homes do to the magma covering them
  • For this eruption, not even the army base could help them
  • Over a ton of sulfur dioxide was released into the air
  • Alerts were called out but no one listened